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About Us:
Charles A. McClain ("Big Jake") and his wife Debbie ("GranDeb") are life-long residents of Madison, in Morgan County, Georgia, where the Big Jake stories take place.
Charles is retired from BellSouth and spends his time on the farm with GranDeb, his grandchildren and family. He is a Sunday school teacher and deacon at Sandy Creek Baptist Church in Madison. 

September 2014...
NOW in print: 38 Seconds That Changed My Life: The Story of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake 

Check out Charles' new book about what he experienced in the Haiti earthquake of 2010. You will see before and after color pictures of the devastation. Once you start reading it, you won't be able to put it down! You can find out more about the new book on the "38 Seconds" webpage.
Tania McClain lives on the farm in Madison, Georgia, with her husband and best friend, Charlie, and their two beautiful daughters, Ellie and Mia.
Tania currently works from home for an accounting consultant business and homeschools her children.  She is devoted to raising her children and spending time with her family.  Tania is also a Sunday school teacher for 8 - 11 year olds, at Sandy Creek Baptist Church. 

In September 2014, Tania and Charlie completed writing and illustrating a children's book that they hope will be in print before Christmas! The new book is titled Joseph Wants to Know....
**In January 2013, Charles, Debbie, Charlie and Tania became the owners of the publishing company, Southern Lion Books.  If you are interested in publishing your own stories (children or adult), please check us out on for more information. 
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